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10% Improvement in Sales Conversions

Understand how Service Center Analytics can help you locate the trends and opportunities

Director of Sales uses CapptixAI to understand the customer needs and take action quickly

CapptixAI delivers innovative ways to increase Sales Conversions

Identify Trends and Opportunities

Build Customer Loyalty

Improve Quality of Service

Retain customers

Increase Sales

Identify Trends And Opportunities

Scans thousands of calls, chats and emails essential for pinpointing cost drivers, trends, and opportunities; finds strengths and weaknesses with processes and products; and helps you understand how your offerings are perceived by the marketplace.

Build Customer Loyalty

Measure Customer Satisfaction and get quick insights such as How likely is the customer going to recommend your services and more…

Improve Quality Of Service
Get a holistic view of the Quality of Services (QoS) delivered by the Call Center Agents and align your customer’s expectation by measuring Agent Quality & Performance.
Retain Customers
Map customer journey and predict churn. Explore the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with effective customer handling.
Increase Sales

Explore the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with effective customer handling.

Start increasing your sales conversions using CapptixAI Service Center Analytics. Turn your customer voice into insights!

See how CapptixAI enables enterprises leverage customer engagement to drive retention and increase sales.

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Customer Retention increased by 8% in 12 months


Agent Training costs reduced by 15%


Software infrastructure costs reduced by 20%